A civilian was killed during the May 15 arson in Alachu Mankon

On May 15, it was reported that separatist fighters killed 2 military officers around Alachu Mankon which resulted to the burning of dozens of houses around the said area.

In a Communique signed on Thursday May 16, the Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo justified the burning of a church, clinic and houses by military men in Alachu, Mankon in the North West region of Cameroon on Wednesday May 15. This communique did not state that a civilian life was taken in the process.

While doing a follow-up on the story, The Insight News Africa spoke to a woman whose husband was killed on the day of the arson. Madam Damaris, a

Mme Damaris holding the photograph of her late husband

farmer by profession narrates how she saw the may 15 incident “That day I went to the farm. While there I heard gunshots. At about 4pm, I received a call from my elder sister saying that I shouldn’t return home because the whole quarter had been burnt down. She told me to call my husband which I did but his number was not going through. Again I was told not to go home. I wondered why saying even if my house had been burnt down, why should I not go back home? We still stayed in hiding before a lady came with the sad news that my husband had been shot. I then left for my house running and in tears. Upon arriving, I saw the lifeless body of my husband next to our house. He was shot severally on his leg and head. My husband was killed leaving me behind with five kids. I don’t even know where I will start from. I am only a poor farmer and the load is heavy for me alone to carry”.

Damaris by her husband’s grave, late Mr Neba Christopher

Damaris also told this reporter that she is yet to receive any commission members coming to evaluate the damages caused.

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