CCMN Journalists trained on Online Writing

Journalists within the circle of the Cameroon Community Media Network CCMN have been trained on online journalism. CCMN members were schooled on the various forms of presenting journalistic work in the various internet platforms like blog, twitter, whatsapp, facebook and link in. The session that lasted about two hours took place on June 28th 2019 at the Presbyterian Hall Church Center Ntamulung.
The knowledge on online journalism was dispensed by blogger and Guardian Post journalist Baka Derrick. He is also the president of Cameroon Trade Union Journalist. While teaching the journalists on online writing, he cautioned them to make their content competitive, take up the activity as a business and ensure that they update the posts put online. The lessons were practical as participants went through “learning by doing how to create a blog”. At least seven new blogs were created through this process. The beginner bloggers were told to make use of search engine optimization and hash tags which would make their work more appealing in content and internet searches. According to Baka Derrick, integrating traditional media with new media is essential because social media can push people to traditional media and vice versa.
Before this activity, the participants did a situational analysis of the crisis in the domain of culture, politics and economy. They also looked at the challenges faced by journalists and media houses but however proposed measures to give journalism a push in the midst of the Anglophone crisis.
In an interview with madam Rosaline Oka Obah the president of CCMN, the network meeting is a regular rendez vous of meeting once in two months, sit together as peace journalists and do a situational analysis of the different crisis situation faced in the community, the family and the neighbourhood and within everyday relationships and try to see how to solve these problems none violently. “The CCMN network stands for peace and we give a voice to the community considering that it is 10 percent media and 90 percent community. So each time we meet we try to change the narrative through none violent communication, preaching against hate speech and change the line of reporting in terms of balanced and objective reporting” she noted. She also disclosed that the network is open to new members; meanwhile CCMN is looking forward to a conclave in August. It would take place in Bafoussam, capital of the Western Region Cameroon
Participants at the seminar were expected to have websites, blogs, facebook accounts and use these as platforms to preach peace.

By Mildred Ndum

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