KEBHIPS breaks the norms, matriculates its first batch of students

20191209_134339.jpgKelden Bilingual Higher Institute of professional Studies, KEBHIPS has matriculated its first batch of students. The ceremony that took place at the school campus in Biyem-Assi, Yaounde, Centre region of the republic of Cameroon, was one of its kind as the art of matriculation is not common in the predominantly French speaking regions of the country.
20191209_130616In total, 58 students from different departments of this institution, swore to the matriculation oath on Monday December 9th 2019 “I do on my honour, promise to obey the rules and regulations guiding students’ conduct and discipline in KEBHIPS; I understand that KEBHIPS expects its students to be honest in all their academic work and agree to adhere this commitment to academic honesty and to the general regulations governing academic programs. I therefor devote myself to the shared values of mutual respect, inclusive citizenship, spirited inquiry and intellectual integrity. In so doing, now and in my life hereafter, I honour those who came before me and leave an example for posterity” the students pledged.
Speaking at the event, Javnyuy Joybert, CEO of COSDEF Group told the matriculating that for them to succeed,

Javnyuy Joybert, CEO of COSDEF Group

they need eight key principles to follow “check your attitude, become resourceful, build a strong network, acquire relevant skills, build good personal and online brand, master the art of servant leadership, be committed, passionate and obsessed and above all, work hard.”
Overseeing the event was Ngwang Micheal, Director of records and archieve management at the ministry of arts and culture who called on the students to be information smart so as 20191209_140549-1to fit in the job market. “We are in an information age, we are in a result driven environment, where all entrepreneurs are looking for that thing that is extra ordinary. We are not more looking for ordinary graduates so I am encouraging them to be information smart, they should go for the relevant skills. Putting all these together, by the grace of god, they shall go places.”
The students were also called upon by the schools program coordinator, Eba Owona Sergeot to be committed in their studies “What we expect from the students now is to commited and resilience because without resilience, they cannot succeed in their studies. We also expect them to raise the standards of KEBHITS higher like never before.”

Njodzeka Linus Leila, Director KEBHIPS

Kelden Bilingual Higher Institute of professional Studies, KEBHIPS created on March 13th 2017, offers courses including Project management, Human resource management, Banking and finance, Transport and logistics amongst others in both the English and French languages.

By Moma Sandrine

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