PCC Moderator frowns at killings in Ngarbuh; says military violence will not solve the crisis

PCC Moderator, Rt Rv Fonki Samuel

The moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Rt Rv Fonki Samuel Forba has made an official statement condemning the killings of civilians in Ngarbuh village, Ndonga Mantung Division in the North West region of Cameroon.

In his words “We outrightly condemn the killing of children, women and entire household in Ngarbuh Ntumbaw. We equally denounce the ungodly act of burning a PCC house of worship at Mbufung Bali. Once more, it has proven to us that military might or violence is not the solution to this problem. An insincere route to peace, half measures, lack of good will, a general insensitivity to the pain of God’s people, the hate speech and violence perpetrated by armed separatists, an extremely poor governance and selfish politics continues to fuel this crisis. Can we not implement in full all the proposals of the Grand National Dialogue? In this circumstance, the role of External Mediators just like before has become urgent and expedient. We have failed as a people to protect God’s children, surely God is vexed and we must repent as a nation”

The moderator who referred to the killings as ungodly made public his statement one week after the incident, few days after the ministry of defense issued a communique saying that only 5 persons died as a result of the killings, contradicting popular opinion that said more than a dozen people were killed and others wounded in Ngarbuh village.

Killings in Ngarbuh took place on February 14th and it was referred to as the bloodiest in the North West region of Cameroon since the start of the year 2020. The incident arose pity amongst many as mainly children were portrayed on the images of those killed on that faithful day. To this effect, some churches have started holding requiem masses on behalf of those killed.

Requiem mass held in Kumbo diocese on behalf of those killed in Ngarbuh village

It is hoped that a lasting solution be brought to the ongoing crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions of the country so that normalcy can return.

By Moma Sandrine

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