Who pays the price for the anglophone crisis?


 The North West and South West regions of Cameroon have been in a state of sociology political instability caused by what has been termed the Anglophone crisis. Recently, a lock down of economic activities in these two regions was imposed by separatist fighters and inhabitants of these towns have been suffering the effects. 

IMG-20190214-WA0038.jpgIn under 10 days, dozens of houses were razed down in Bali, a village in the North West Region. According to our sources, separatist actions sparked anger amongst the military leading to a confrontation between them.

Houses reduced to ashes in Wosing, Bali

The aftermath of this confrontation left dozens of houses reduced to ashes. To this effect, inhabitants of the area were forced to flee, seeking refuge in bushes. Coupled with the lock down of activities, feeding was a major challenge to these victims “it was first of all difficult for us to stock our houses with food. As if that was not enough, our houses were burnt and we left for the bushes without enough to eat. We have been surviving just by the grace of God” our source told us.

Aside the burning of houses, it has been quite challenging for inhabitants of to cope with the lock down “we don’t have water flowing in our house. We need to cover long distances in search of water. With the lock down, life has been so difficult. We have to manage water. Sometimes we go for a day or two without taking our bath because we are scared to go in search of water”.

In other situations, access to medical facilities have remained impossibilities. This has resulted to health complications and in worst cases death. While a greater part of the population who could afford to relocate to other regions have done so, the underprivileged masses are stuck in the region, facing the realities on the ground.

Deserted street of Bamenda

Major streets in the NWR have remained deserted since the start of the lock down. Taking a walk through these streets could be referred to as a suicide mission as some who attempted to do so were shot dead by unidentified gun men. The lock down of activities in the two English speaking regions of the country was imposed by separatist on Monday February 4th and it is expected to come to an end soon. At the moment, the doors of most public and private schools have remained shut.

M. Sandrine

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