Cameroon’s June 1st schools resumption; a puzzle to most parents

undefinedAmidst the increasing number of Covid19 cases in Cameroon, the indicative date for schools resumption has been maintained. This is however limited to the pupils and students sitting in for their final year examinations.

While stating that schools will resume on June 1st, the Government of Cameroon has assured parents and guardians, of the security and safety of these kids while on campus. This assurance was received with a pinch of salt especially by parents whose children are in primary six. According to them primary six children are often between the ages of 8 and 9years and are difficult to control. This has awaken fears given the risk and threats of the present pandemic.

“I am worried about the fact that they are children that cannot really stick to advise. Children in class six are between nine and ten. I am really worried if the measures put in place by Government will be fully implemented. Like the wearing of mask all day”. Madame Sidonie, a parent, whose son is going in for the first school leaving certificate told Insight24.

Madam Sidonie furthered that as she prepares her child for back to school the movement of the kids to and from school, the manner of transportation poses a problem and should be an issue to look into.

“It’s true I want my child to sit in for the GCE but her safety during this coronavirus era is what I fear. But what can we really do, with the current situation, one seems to be stuck between two very tough decisions”. Another parent said.

On the part of Government, various councils have been carrying out preparations at different levels. The Mayor of the Yaounde 5 municipality, Bala Augustine has been engaged in a weeklong activity of disinfecting schools in his locality and providing them with protective face masks and hand washing gel. This he says will be a usual activity as schools go on.

Basic Education minister in an exclusive interview on the national station, called on the collective responsibility of parents, head teachers and principals to ensure the safety of the kids.

Parents are calling on Government to set a standard of good hygienic conditions for them to be able to take the risk.

By Ngwe Bertine

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