Mayor Bala of Yaounde V donates COVID-19 preventive kits to schools

undefinedStudents of the Yaounde V municipality have resumed schooling with assurance of staying safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Respecting the back to school order of June 1st, scores of students in this area marked present with only a handful of absences recorded. At lycee de undefinedNgoulmekong for example, 596 students out of 603 marked present on day one of back to school.
These students were spread, leaving 1metre distance from each other, making the number per class, 24. All the students present were equally obliged to put on their face masks as part of the measures to combat the spread of the virus.

The mayor of Yaounde V municipality, Bala Augustin while visiting some of these schools on the day of reopening, provided them with washing gallons with 5000litres capacity, 200 face masks and a carton of savon. This he said is to assist the administrators and students of this school fight the pandemic.

undefinedThe principals of these three schools that benefited from the mayor’s gesture, expressed their out most satisfaction. It was also an opportunity for them to let the mayor know about some of the schools lapses including dilapidated classrooms, insufficient staff, amongst others. The mayor assured them that he had taken that into consideration and will see how to ameliorate the situation as time goes on.

Concluding his visit to these schools in his area of jurisdiction, Mayor Bala Augustin called on administrators, students and parents at large to ensure that together we have a COVID-19 free environment.

By Ngwe Bertine

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