Sustain Afric to train youths in snail farming

Youths shall receive free training on snail farming from Sustain Afric, an agricultural based organization. This organization that has as mission is to ensure that there is food for the future plans on training hundreds of youths on snail farming amongst other agricultural activities.

The organization that is run by a team of vibrant young persons carries out activities such as agricultural consultancy, empowerment of local farmers through agricultural training and bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.
The CEO of Sustain Afric, Njieforti Princewill Gana says passion is the driving force. “We are one of a kind, because this vision was birthed from pure passion and the love for our community to ensure constant food supply amidst the increasing population and global pandemic.”

Sustain Afric will have their first training on Snail Farming in Buea on the 29th of August 2020. “We chose to start with snail farming because of it numerous health benefits which has cause increased demand and limited supply. With this training, the population will learn on how to farm snails so as to meet the demand and also serve as a source of income.” Njieforti Princewill furthered.

To read more about Sustain Afric, you can reach them on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram @sustainafric.

By Moma Sandrine

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