Kenyan Governor and children dragged to court

The governor of Migori county in Western Kenya has been charged to court alongside his children for allegedly embezzling public funds.

Governor Okoth Obado is accused of indirectly receiving the money through his children who received multiple payments from companies trading with the country’s government. The money he allegedly embezzled amounts to 73m Kenyan shillings ($675,000).

According to the public prosecutor, the money was used to pay his children’s fees, upkeep, maintenance and medical bills among other things.

The governor and his children were arrested Wednesday August 27th after being summoned for questioning by anti-corruption officials. They have however pleaded not guilty and asked to be released on bail.

The said governor had been previously charged with aiding and abetting the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend, who was a pregnant university student. He pleaded guilty and was released on bail that 2018 but the case is still ongoing.

Photo credit: Getty Images (Governor Okoth Obado)
Source BBC
By Moma Sandrine

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