Bamenda gradually regains steam after days of tension

Inhabitants of Bamenda in the North West region of Cameroon have gradually resumed their usual activities after experiencing days of tension from gunshot exchanges.

Part of the town of bamenda had been in disarray as series of gunshot exchanges commenced on September 1st. This left hundreds of inhabitants stranded for hours before they could manage to return to safer places.

While most people in the town looked forward to having a better day on September 2nd, their expectations were watered down as the day equally saw heavy exchanges of gunshots causing people to abandon all socioeconomic activities and run home for safety. A similar scenario was experienced on September 4th.

Though activities gradually picked up today, prices of some consumables seemingly experienced a price hike. Some people have attributed the increase in the prices of these goods to a rumour circulating around that the following week might also be unstable. Some innhabitants for fear of the unknown in the days ahead could be seen purchasing food items in large quantities.

The weeklong instability in Bamenda is attributed to the killing of a Police Inspector known as Petit Bikolo on Tuesday by unidentified gun men. This is said to have provoked a retaliation from the corps that left the town tensed for days.

By Quinter Fri

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