Bamenda gradually returns to normal after experiencing one week of unrest

Inhabitants of Bamenda have gradually resumed socioeconomic activities after experiencing one week of unrest. On Monday September 7th, residuals of Bamenda woke up to their usual ghost town scenario hoping that they will resume activities the following day.

However, Tuesday wasn’t all friendly as most streets remained deserted with only a handful of persons moving around and the military could be seen patrolling the various streets. Most business places remained shut. Only few provision stores were open.

Wednesday experienced a similar scenario though some vehicles began plying the road and a couple of business persons opened their shops. Series of gunshot exchanges were recorded in some quarters, between uniform officers and suspected separatist fighters.

The timid resumption of activities in the town of Bamenda has been attributed to a communique signed by the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh and the the Bamenda City Mayor, Achobong Tembeng Paul, restricting the circulation of private and commercial motor bikes in some parts of the town as a measure to curb terrorist activities in the region. Another communique issued by the commander of the 5th Joint Gendarmerie Region, Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine, the Regional Delegate for National Security North West, Commissioner Gousmo Emile and commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere on September 8, initiating a special operation to secure the City of Bamenda and it’s environs, code-name “Bamenda Clean” is suspected to have further intensified the ‘ghost town scenario in the town.
By Quinter Fri

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