FDC President declares party’s intention to run for the December polls

President, FDC, Denis Emilien Atangana

The president of the Cameroonians Democrat’s Front (FDC) Denis Emilien Atangana has declared the party’s intention to go in for the December 06, 2020 regional elections. He was speaking on September 18, during a Press Conference that held at the premises of the College Enfant d’Afrique ,Messassi district in Yaoundé.

According to him, the party’s decision to participate in the upcoming election is multivated from the achievement they had in the municipal election that took place on February 9, 2020. The president added that they won a municipal seat and as such, going in for a regional election will just be ideal.

“Yes! The Cameroonians Democrat’s Front will indeed take part in this ballot which is the second factual and legal step in the establishment of Decentralization and the resulting Regional Councils. The FDC will take part in it to compete and change an almost monolithic situation in this centre region where the ruling party is so obese politically and electorally that it is suffering from incomprehensible laziness. We do not want to enter here into the criticism of the regime in this region, as elsewhere in other localities where it shows so worryingly its inability to respond to the deep and legitimate aspirations of our populations, despite all the confidence and the election votes he enjoys. This incompetence, this incapacity and this ingratitude are simply incomprehensible.”

The president added that he is not in to revolt against the regime “We have not come to revolt against the regime. Ahidjo ruled and left, Paul Biya is ruling to leave, we will also rule and leave but Cameroon will remain”.

He further that, he will ensure that peace reigns “Our enemies are not people. We are fighting against poverty, unemployment, food shortage etc.. We also promise to ensure peace.”

The regional election that is going to take place on December 06, 2020 is the first of it’s kind in the Republic of Cameroon. Although some polical parties have begun saying that they are going to boycott the elections, a host of others have declared their interest in participating in this election.

By Sungyin Clarita

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