Cameroon’s ‘Spice Fruit’ pulls international attention

Dichrostachys glomerata (Spice Fruit)

The Spice Fruit is gotten from a plant that grows on the Cameroonian soil. The supplement is said to have powerful antioxidants that helps support metabolism, manage weight, blood glucose amongst other health benefits.

How come Spice Fruit
Spice Fruit is a discovery of the J & A Oben foundation. According to the cofounder, Prof Julius Oben, the love for proper nutrition to be given to Julius Oben and Anne Oben, founders of J & A Foundation

the underprivileged led to this discovery “Our mission is to provide health and good nutrition to disadvantaged children and population just to make people live better through what they eat. That is what drives the research for us to keep looking for natural solutions to health problems.”

Due to the nutritional benefits of this discovery ‘Spice Fruit’, some international organisations and researchers have begun showing interest. One of such persons is Naomi Whittel, an international researcher/entrepreneur who is concerned about nutrition. To this effect, she organized a press conference on on October 16th to talk about her latest discovery.
Naomi Whittel, researcher

According to her, health is impacted by what is put in the mouth and as such it is important to explore the natural resources that are available for health benefits.
She furthered that after learning about the Spice Fruit from an American company, Gateway, the nutritional benefits were so captivating reasons why she embarked on the journey to know more by visiting the roots of the plant, Cameroon. participants at the press briefing

How beneficial will this discovery be to the local farmer
According to Naomi Whittel, the discovery will be beneficial especially to the local farmer. She says after visiting some of the farmers in Foumban, she realized that their children in needed such supplements in their diets and intends to have the plant processed such that it can be added as supplements in the food which the children eat.
She furthered that if it is actually commercialized, her organization will work in direct collaboration with the farmers such that they equally benefit from their labour. “To Cameroonians, this is a national treasure that you have and together as one, we are going to bring this to other markets. But it’s a collective effort.”
According to the researcher, the vision is to enable the plant to be processed and packaged in Cameroon before being transported to the foreign market.

Who can consume Spice Fruit
Naomi Whittel through her research says just anybody can consume Spice Fruit. She added that the plant is worth introducing in America especially as their metabolism is not as strong as that of an Africans.

“The research was done about ten years ago and the publications were out about six years ago.” Prof Julius Oben said in a statement.

Dichrostachys glomerata, affectionately called ‘Spice Fruit’ is still under study and it is hoped that it can be grown in large quantities to serve not just Cameroon but the international population at large.

By Sandrine M.


  1. Hello
    I have been looking on how to get this spice/herb to no avail. Is it possible to link me up to the source or the farmer producer?
    I will be so much grateful. is indeed helpful


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