Schools in Yaounde tighten barrier measures in fighting covid 19

More schools in Yaounde, Centre region of the republic of Cameroon have intensified measures in curbing the spread of the corona virus in their institution.

Students of FCHS Yaounde

Before the start of the school year, Cameroon’s minister of Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga had warned that no institution should have more than fifty students in a classroom. To this effect, most secondary schools in the town have begun operating in shifts. As a result, some students go to school in the morning and close by noon while the other set of students take on the next shift from noon to later in the evening depending on the institution.

This strategy has been welcomed by both parents and students. “I was really worried about my children’s welfare as they ho back to school amidst this covid 19 pandemic. When the Administrators of the school told me that they will be operating in shifts I was really happy because I was confident of the fact that social distancing will be respected in the school. The school officials also insist that the students should wear face masks which is equally good. I have three kids in the same school and I am glad that these measures are being intensified to ensure their safety.” Catherine Aduo a parent told Insight News 24

A student of one of the private colleges in Yaounde Courage Mbinwi equally told this reporter that their school administration had intensified anti covid 19 measures in their institution “The administration has insisted on preventive measures such as washing of hands and wearing of facemasks although some students respect that only in the presence of an administrator. We are not allowed to sit in class without a facemask. Due to insufficient classes, the administration has decided that form 3,4 and 5 will come in the morning while the other classes will come from 12oclock in order to respect social distancing.”

In a bit to find out how anti covid 19 measures are implemented in primary schools, Insight News 24 talked to a primary 3 teacher in one of the private schools in Yaounde, Singeh Prisca who explained how they’ve been making the kids understand how to stay safe. “They Normally have a slogan keep hands n feet to ur self. They equally know we cough while covering our mouths, wash hands Singeh Prisca, primary 3 teacher at Bright Minds

anytime we touch any dirt or surface!! Above all before eating we wash our hands, the staff make sure there is enough water in the school drum which contains a disinfectant”

As the school administration are tightening up barrier measures to fight the corona virus pandemic in their institution, parents equally have an important role to play as the kids return home after school. As at the time of this report, Cameroon stood at 21,570 Cases and 425 Deaths.

By Sandrine M.

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