FDC Party calls on Cameroon government to urgently resolve crisis in NW/SW

The President of the Cameroonian Democratic Front (FDC) party, Denis Emiliene Atangana has called on the government of Cameroon to take urgent actions in resolving the crisis in the North west and South West Regions of the country.

He made this statement on October 24 while grieving over the killing of children in a private school in Kumba.

“My heart has been bruised for a few hours following the violent attack on a secondary school in Kumba. Indeed, young Cameroonians who just wanted to receive an education, young Cameroonians who wanted to be men tomorrow thanks to education, young innocent Cameroonians were violently shot by unidentified people but everything suggests that they are people who call themselves “Ambazonians”

By my voice, the FDC condemns with the utmost energy this murderous attack which once again plunges families into misfortune. Just 3 weeks before the resumption of classes, this is unacceptable and we once again call on the government to take its responsibilities. Wanting to let all is well is a real lie to the people. So who will still have the courage to send their child to a school in the South West or the North West? So here are two regions truly paralyzed for years but they want us to believe that all is well.
The FDC invites the government to urgently take its responsibilities to resolve this problem which for us is going from bad to worse.

The FDC sends its sincere condolences to the families so hard hit and will in the coming days a descent in this city to bring its support to the families of the victims.

Since the start of the crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country, people have lost count of lives that have been lost. The most recent case of at least six school children killed while in school in Kumba, South West region of the Republic of Cameroon has sparked fury amongst Cameroonians who have taken up to social media to condemn the act while asking for normalcy to return to the country.

By Sandrine M.

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