Buea Urban Constituency: Hon. Malomba prescribes collaboration with authorities as key to Peace

The member of Parliament for Buea Urban constituency, Malomba Esembe has called on the population of Buea to combine forces with administrative and judicial authorities to bring peace. “At this time, we must go beyond condemnation to active participation with administrative and judicial authorities in order to preserve peace in our communities. Remember that each one of us has a natural duty to care for others and protect one another’s life”. He was speaking on November 7, at Liwu la-Malele village as he paid a visit to the palace of the late chief Molinga Francis who had been murdered the previous day.

Hon. Malomba Esembe

The MP while extending his condolence to the bereaved family, equally frowned at the killing of the chief and destruction of his palace “This is another affront to the sacredness of human life to the solemnity of traditional institutions especially in Buea”. He said in a statement.

Buea, South West Region of the republic of Cameroon, is one of those places that has been severely affected by the ongoing anglophone crisis in the country.

By Sandrine M.

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