#defyhatenow to Mentor Journalists on Peace Building in Cameroon

Some media practitioners in Cameroon will begin having training on how to use the traditional and social media to breed peace and help in conflict mitigation. This is an initiative of #defyhatenow.

The organisation seeks to support and address community-based peace building efforts in Cameroon. Focus is on addressing the use of social media in the ongoing ‘Anglophone Crisis’, ethnic and national clivages in the wake of the post 2018 presidential elections. This initiative also seeks to address issues related to internal displacement, refugee movements in the Eastern Region and violence in the Far North and Northern regions hit by sporadic attacks of Boko Haram.

The training will also raise awareness and develop literacy for countering social media hate speech, conflict rhetoric and directed online incitement to violence.

The training seeks to have people understand how to use the social media positively so as to reduce offline conflicts fanned by online interactions.

On the sidelines of this training, #defyhatenow will be launching its Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide this November 10th virtually.

This event which shall stream live on Facebook and zoom seeks to put at the disposal of the public a catalog of handouts on how to promote locally through a number ways.

By Sandrine M.

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