Fire burns man to death in Bamenda

A fire incident that broke out at Cow Street Bamenda early this morning has claimed the life of one person. Sources around the scene of the incident said the victim, called Peter was a private security guard who was also involved in the illegal sale of petrol. They added that he used to store some of the gallons of fuel in one of the rooms where he lives.

lifeless body of Peter

Eyewitnesses added that Peter was seen this morning with a container of fuel going into his house and minutes later they heard him screaming for help. Upon rushing out to find out what was happening, they saw fire engulfing the entire room. Efforts to immediately put out the fire were futile as Peter was consumed in the furnace. The fire fighters only arrived minutes later and completely put out the fire.

Fire fighters in the course of putting out the fire

While at the scene of the incident, the Bamenda City Mayor, Achobong Paul called on landlords to have identification documents of their tenants with specificity on what they work. This he says is to curb future occurrences of such incidents.

Bamenda is in the North West Region, Republic of Cameroon. It is one of the towns that has been under attack due to the ongoing crisis in the country.

By Sandrine M.

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