Cameroon; CCMN Members trained on Protection Against Sexual Abuse

Some members of the Cameroon Community Media Network have concluded a two-day capacity building workshop on the the concept of Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, PSEA.

The training which held over the weekend brought together CSOs and government stakeholders involved in PSEA.

The project dubbed Enhancing Communities Communication on Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse was organized by SOPISDEW, a local NGO, with CCMN as technical partner. It shall in the next couple of weeks produce and disseminate media content to curb sexual violence in NWSW communities.

This project is amid growing concerns of promoting effective and principled humanitarian action through civil society and community based initiatives within the context of the NW-SW crisis.

During the workshop, resource person and National Coordinator of the Cameroon Community

CCMN National Coordinator, Rosaline Akah Obah

Media Network CCMN Rosaline Obah, engaged the stakeholders on a media mapping strategy on how the project will be implemented via a push from the media represented in project by the CCMN.

Speaking to the press after the workshop, the coordinator of the CUEPD Mr Agbor; who heads this leading coordinating unit for Persons Living with Disabilities ( PWDs) for the South West Region expressed his interest to collaborate in ensuring the development and dissemination of inclusive communication and outreach materials on PSEA targeting vulnerable groups such as PWDs. It should be noted that PWDs and women are the most exposed persons to Sexual
Exploitation and Abuse under any situation of an escalated conflict.

By Eunice N.

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