GIDICom to Launch #HateFreeAbakwa Project

In a bid to ensure that the use of hate language is mitigated in the society, Global Initiative for Digital Inclusion and Communication will launch a project with the hashtag #HateFreeAbakwa. The official launch will take place on November 20 in Bamenda, North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon.

This project according to the founder of GIDICom, Pedmia Shatu, seeks to engage youths, CSOs, community leaders, persons living with disabilities, journalists and bloggers to counteract #fakenews, mitigate Hatespeech, disinformation and misinformation online and offline while ensuring information verification before Sharing.

The #HateFreeAbakwa Project is intended to run for 4months. Pedmia Shatu furthered that there will be a monthly engagement aimed at bringing about relevant content online and offline.

The launch will begin with women living with disabilities on the theme ” Enhancing the capabilities of women living with disabilities on Peace building”.

The project which shall be under the supervision of #DefyHateNow Cameroon, goes along with the following hashtags


By Sandrine M.

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