21 Persons Arrested for Using Fake Covid-free Certificates

Some 21 persons have been arrested by officials in Kenya for using fake “Covid-free certificates” to travel from Kenya to United Arab Emirates.

Their arrest comes after the UAE issued a visa ban on Kenyans, allegedly after visitors were found using forged certificates.

The 21 travellers were attempting to fly to Dubai when they were apprehended at the main airport in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi on Thursday.

They are accused of using forged medical documents that certified they tested negative for coronavirus in advance of travel.

Coronavirus cases are rising in Kenya and on Thursday restrictions on public gatherings were tightened.

Earlier this week, the UAE decided to stop giving visas to citizens of 13 countries, including Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.

According to Kenyan website Nairobi news, in another recent flight, from Nairobi to Dubai, about 100 Kenyans were reportedly found with similar falsified documents and half later tested positive at the airport.

Photo Credit; Getty images

By Sandrine M.

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