Nigerian Parliamentarian Sentenced to Prison

One of Nigeria’s parliamentarians, Victor Mela has been sentenced to prison. This verdict was passed by a court in Nigeria’s capital Abuja. He had been charged for lying under oath about his citizenship while running for office last year.

Parliamentarian, Victor Mela, Billiri/Balanga Federal Constituency

Prosecution documents showed that Victor Mela, who was subsequently elected to Nigeria’s House of Representatives, holds British and Canadian passports. Victor Mela while filling out administrative forms under affidavit ahead of the elections, had denied having foreign citizenship.

He has however been given the option of paying a fine instead of going to jail.

The conviction doesnt stop him from occupying the parliamentary seat. Though a group of individuals plan to take him to court again to seek his removal.

The lawmaker,Victor Mela represents Billiri/Balanga Federal Constituency in Gombe State.

By Sandrine M.

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