UJAD Engages Youths In The Campaign Against Illicit Financial Flow

The African Youth for Development known by its french acronym UJAD, has launched a campaign against illicit financial flow in Cameroon.

The campaign that was officially launched on Saturday November 28th in Yaounde brought together youths from different Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s), to share ideas on how to go about putting an end to illicit financial activities.

According to the president of UJAD, Afa’a Special Valere, the youths have to be involved in the affairs of their country reasons why they are the pivot of this campaign “Today we have to let them know about illicit financial flow and how the youth can take part in fighting against. Most youths of today are not interested in financial issues revolving around their economy. It is important for the youths to know about their country’s economic system because it is important for all development processes.”

President, UJAD

He furthered that, the intellectial exchange that took place during the launch is to give a voice to the youths to take part in a developmental issue in their country “It is an opportunity for the youths to give their proposals on how to go about the fight against illicit financial flow in Cameroon.”

UJAD’s Vice President, Zambo Oyono Arsene explains the reason the campaign is coming up now “We are organising this campaign before the day for the fight against Corruption in December. Also, illicit financial flow in Cameroon is a problem.”

Zambo Oyono Arsene

He furthered that the youths are hardly heard talking about financial issues linked to their countries “We can observe that government and private institutions are those who often talk on this topic. You hardly see the youths getting involved. We think it’s our duty to show an example. We are young people and we want to show that discussing about financial cohesion is something also normal for youths to discuss about.”

One of the participants at the campaign, Ngo Ndenha Ndenha Josephine Elian, local excel President of Junior Chamber International (JCI) appreciated the organisers for the timelines of the campaign “I think it is coming at an appropriate moment because it’s time once more to raise awareness because it’s a social issue, a national issue and community issue at all levels of the society. I believe that the sensitisation is good and well targeted because the target here are the youth. The youths are those who will impact the coming generation.”

Ngo Ndenha Ndenha Josephine Elian, local excel President, JCI

The youths who were present at the launch took part brainstorming activities towards achieving the campaign’s objectives. They equally put up their different signatures on the banner and T-shirts carrying the campaign message, symbolizing their involvement.

Youths all over the national territory have equally been encouraged to interest themselves with affairs of the country “…even if you don’t have any knowledge about financial cohesion, you can learn about it because what we are mostly doing it for a welfare situation. This has to do with financing projects, studies and others. If you want to contribute to the welfare of your country, you have to understand what goes on in the country” Zambo Oyono said in an interview with Insight News24.

President of CNJC, Raphael Onambele, giving a red card to illicit financial flow

The campaign is an initiative of UJAD, in collaboration with the Tax Justice Network Africa and CRADEC.

By Sandrine M.

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