100 Meritorious Students Benefit from ARITMA Excellence Award

Some one hundred outstanding students in the 2020’s GCE and Bac examinations have bagged home awards and trophies to crown thier efforts and intelligence in an academic year that recorded lots of challenges.

The award ceremony that was organised by Africa Renaissance In The Making (ARITMA) held at Palais de Congress in Yaounde. A greater number of the Meritorious students were present to receive the award.

Speaking on his drive towards this initiative, the President of Arithma, Guy Elessa says ARITMA was motivated by the challenges the nation has been facing “with the assassination of teachers, students stabbing mates and the dwindling level of results, Arithma thought of this initiative called ‘Arithma Excellence Award’ to boost and motivate students to work hard in a bit to divert thier energy away from vandalism to excellence that will be recognised.”

Guy Elissa who lamented over the lose of some students in the territory this year citing the case of Students killed in the Kumba massacre, was honoured and well pleased with the number that was able to sit for the final year examinations and now attend this event as more than 90 percent of the Laureate were present in Yaounde to receive the awards themselves.”I am indeed delighted with the turnout. This is a stepping stone.”

Speaking to INSIGHT NEWS24, 16yr old Ngoune Anthony Bradley Best national graduating student for 2020 from Goverment Bilingual High School Bafousam who doubles as the youngest national graduating student is delighted to have come this far “I am very happy today to represent my school. It is a great pleasure to be sending here today as the best national student”. Ndoumbe Malike Eurada Aymard Sarelle best Female national says she is grateful to Arithma for this opportunity and promises to keep the fire burning.

Ngoune Anthony Bradley Best national graduating student

Kemerkem Nelson best West Region Bac student, gives tips on succeeding amidst turbulent times “I think the only way is to stay focus and tell yourself I can do it no matter the various challenges.We were struck with flood then came the corona virus but I stayed focused “

Laureates from the Northwest and Southwest regions of the country were absent through out the event. Aside awarding best students from each region, Awards were equally given to Best national impaired student of the year, best female students of the year, best technical and vocational education examination amongst others.

ARITMA invests in human capital giving people the skills and competencies to create opportunities, enabling people to initiate original solutions to challenges through 7 sectors; Agriculture and Rural Development,Sports and Recreation, Tourism and Cultural Renaissance, Volunteering and Advocacy, Responsible Citizenship and Education and Training.

The event dubbed “the night of majors” was graced with musical presentations from Cameroon’s seasoned musicians.

By Gah Joy

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