Minister Gabriel Mbairobe Hails Tomato, Watermelon Farmers

Cameroon’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe has applauded tomato and watermelon farmers in the West Region for their commitment and resilience in the sectors.

MINADER Minister speaking to the press

Gabriel Mbairobe made the remark recently in Bangangte during a 2-day working visit in the West region to support farmers who have been seriously affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic in the nation. He encouraged the farmers to keep up the positive attitude and to continue working hard.

During the heat of COVID-19 in Cameroon, two tomato farmers committed suicide due to poor sales of their produce. The incidents happened in two localities: one in Bangangte in the West region and another in “Marche 8eme” in the Centre region.

The farmers took their lives because they were unable to recover the amount they took as loans to cultivate the tomatoes. An executive member of the Association of tomatoes dealers, Mr. Joseph Kana told CRTV that the deceased at “Marche 8eme” contracted a bank loan of 12 million FCA. “After sales, he had only 2 million FCFA in hand. So he chose to take away his life”, Mr Joseph said.
It is expected the Minister’s words will help boost tomato and watermelon cultivation in the region.

BY Neville Mesumbe

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