Buea: Relatives Raise Doubts As Two Allegedly Drown In Pool

Two students have died after allegedly drowning in a pool in Buea, South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon.

Children at the pool on December 26

According to some eye witnesses, the children were swimming at the pool in Chariot Hotel when they realised one of them called Ekang Juvenile was sinking. She was then pulled out of the pool but all efforts to safe her life were futile. A second and third were also discovered but the 3rd was rushed to the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

A close relation to one of the children who died told Insight News24 that Ekang Juvenile, aged 14 is a form 5 student of Lycee Molyko. According to our source who pleaded anonymity, Juvenile had on that faithful day asked her father for permission to go and swim which he refused. She had also asked for permission from her elder sister which she equally refused. Our source told us that they were shocked when they got the news of her demise “…at the time she left, nobody knew and nobody imagined she went to that place”.

Our source furthered that they doubt if Ekang Juvenile had actually drowned because barely a small amount of water was pressed out of her “…the water that was pressed out of her was less than a cup. When we looked at her corpse, her stomach was very flat. How can they claim that she drowned”.

Our source added that the management of Chariot hotel had dumped the body of the child at solidarity clinic and left “They took the child to solidarity clinic and dropped the corpse there and went them. By the time we went there, none of the Chariot hotel administrator was there.” Our source frowned.

After the incident, it was said that the children drowned because of the influence of alcohol. Our source however refuted this saying that the child doesn’t take alcohol let alone getting drunk. “The issue of alcohol is totally out of place here. It’s a 13 to 14 year old we are talking about here. Not the crazy type of child”.

The tragic incident happened on December 26 when the children went out to fete “boxing day”. People have begun asking where the divers were at the time of the incident. Others have asked why the hotel management did not alert the other children when they discovered the first case that drowned. Only an autopsy report can determine whether these children drowned or not.

It is hoped that more safety measures be put at pools especially where children are allowed to swim so as to avoid further deaths.

By Sandrine M.

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