COVID-19 Limits Usual End Of Year Feasting

On march 6, Cameroon recorded her first COVID 19 cases. Since then, the Head of State, Paul Biya instituted strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The wearing of face masks in public spaces became mandatory. Curfews were imposed on people in different towns and lifted when deemed necessary. Life gradually left from the normal to a new style of waving at friends instead of hugging, attending zoom meetings instead of physical meetings, moving about with hand sanitizers, amongst other new ways people had to adapt to.

Celebrating the end of year festivities, some people have complained that they were unable to have their usual merry making due to the impact of the corona virus

According to Sah Terrence, a husband and father, he could not go out with his family for the usual feasting but stayed at home and limited those coming to visit “Well I spent this year’s Christmas within a very close circle of family and friends with limited visits especially as I have a new born daughter and wouldn’t want to expose her to any risks. For this first time, I spent Christmas completely at home and did not go out to the club or snack for drinking and dancing as in previous years. I think either consciously or unconsciously, the Covid 19 has affected our way of life.” He told Insight News24.

To another lady, Jones, the prevalence of the covid 19 pandemic prevented her sister from returning to Cameroon because of flight restrictions and as such it limited her way of feasting “It has caused me my holiday break. I hate that disease called COVID-19. Now I spent Christmas in a town that’s not my choice because I never wanted to travel due to the pandemic. Worst of all, My sister was supposed to come for Christmas break some borders were close so she couldn’t make it. Family separation was an experience to me and all the feasting excitement was watered down”. She said.

According to another interviewee, a lecturer and lawyer, Dinga Macgovern, the impact of corona has been really felt during this festive period “I must say the fear of contracting corana virus is still very evident. I couldn’t go to church or celebrate with a great number of friends as had been the case before now. It has really had a very devastating psychological impact on what the festive season is all about. On the other hand a few coins have been saved from reckless spending”.

These are just a few amongst many who say the corona virus pandemic has limited their usual way of celebrating the end of year festivities. To others, the pandemic did not hinder their celebration in any way as they went around their usual activities.

It is hoped that inhabitants of Yaounde and Cameroon at large continue to practice safety measures to combat the corona virus so as to reduce its spread.

Washing of hands with soap and running water, using alcoholic based hand sanitizers, practicing social distancing, avoiding overcrowded areas and limiting unnecessary movements are some of the measures prescribed by the WHO and the government of Cameroon to help fight this virus.

By Sandrine M.

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