Cameroon; AVENIR VOYAGES Suspended

Cameroon’s Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe has signed a release Suspending one of the country’s travel agency, Avenir Voyages.

According to the release signed this Tuesday December 29th, the suspension on the agency is as a result of the ghastly accident that occured on the night of Saturday December 26 breaking Sunday. The accident occured along the Yaounde-Bafia highway precisely in Ndikiminiki Subdivision at a place called “Pont de Nomal” claiming the lives of at least thirty five persons. The Bus is said to have left Koutaba for Yaounde.

The Chief Executive Officer of the travel Agency, El Hadj Yacouba Aliou had after the accident announced that all the agencies would remain closed on Wednesday December 30 in memory of the victims.

Some travel agencies in Cameroon are known for not implementing road safety measures including wearing of seat belts. Others add extra seats in buses resulting to overcrowding. It is hoped that the country’s Transport Minister will not only end at sanctioning agencies that have been involved in accidents but equally agencies who default road safety measures.

By Sandrine M.

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