Bamenda Hemodialysis Center to Receive New Generators; A Stitch In Time?

Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health, Dr Manaouda Malachie has in a recent tweet said that new generators will be made available at the hemodialysis Centre of the Regional Hospital Bamenda tomorrow January 5.

The director of the hospital had on Sunday January 3 issued a release saying the dialysis centre will be temporarily shut down due to a breakdown of the machines. Hours later, the release was contradicted by the Regional Delegate of Public Health in another official statement saying that the centre had not been shut down but was expecting new machines.

Dr Manaouda Malachie later tweeted today at 9:03pm confirming what the delegate of Public Health had said earlier, stating clearly that the center had not been closed “The Bamenda Haemodialysis Centre is not closed at all” part of the tweet reads.

He went further to say that the Center will be receiving new generators the following day “…it will receive 08 new generators tomorrow morning and tests will be carried out immediately for a better service”. He wrote in the tweet.

After his tweet, persons have begun replying with some questioning the promptness of sending the machines to the North West. “Your excellency, your declaration sounds political because we of the North West know that the machines have had issues for some time now. Are you saying you have just been informed or why the late reaction” Tata Emile replied the minister’s tweet.

Another reply from Dr Ngoundi reads “closed or not closed any hemodialysis center should never go without generators.”

By Sandrine M.

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