Bamenda Haemodialysis Centre Resurrected

As promised by the Minister of Public Health, Manaouda Malachi, the Regional Hospital Bamenda has received eight new haemodialysis machines to aid the center in functioning. This was under the supervision of the hospital’s director and the Regional delegate of public health.

 One of the eight dialysis machines received at the Haemodialysis Center of the Regional Hospital Bamenda

The machines arrived the hospital yesterday January 6, alongside other kits including eight beds, concentrated acid and 800 ten litre gallons of normal saline. “We received eight dialysis machines, we received eight beds. We also had a number of concentrate acid and normal saline.” The Regional delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh told the press.

 gallons of normal saline

He further explained that the quantity of equipments and consumables received can last the patients for nine months. “We have fifty five patients that are enrolled in this centre that gives us an average of 110 to 120 sessions we conduct here in a week, so about 480 in a month. When we look at the quantity of equipments and consumables we received today, we think that they can cover for our patients for a period of nine months.”

 Truck bearing the items

Speaking on behalf of kidney patients, their President, Mbinglo Francis appreciated the hierarchy for restoring their hopes “This is the best news we’ve had for the beginning of 2021 and we hope that many of such good things will come our way. I want to seize this opportunity to thank everybody who has been involved in the whole hierarchy who made it possible for us to have these machines”.

one of the beds received at the center

The Minister of public health had in a tweet on monday promised to send eight dialysis machines to the North West Region on Tuesday. Although the machines finally arrived on Wednesday, it was received with so much joy.

However many are still questioning why the minister had to wait for an outburst before replacing worn out machines at the centre. Replying to a post by the Ministry of Public Health on Facebook, Samuel Nwaboh says the ministry deserves no appreciation for they just did what they had to “you guys are supposed to replace your equipments on time, not wait until the unit is closed down before you start moving up a d down. You don’t deserve any appreciation. Its your responsibility to save life…just do your job”. Others shared similar views while replying to the post.

It is hoped that the dialysis machines are properly taken care of to avoid an eventual breakdown which is a threat to the lives of kidney patients who have to undergo dialysis weekly.

By Sandrine M.

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