New COVID-19 Measures Spark Protest in Senegal

Youths in Senegal have begun protesting against a night curfew that has taken effect in the country. The curfew that runs from 9pm-5am was announced by President Macky Sall for Dakar and the adjoining region of Thies.

protesters burn tires on the streets Photo Credit: African News

The curfew that has been imposed mainly because of the new wave of the coronavirus did not seem to go well with the youths. On Wednesday night as the curfew took effect, some youths in the Senegalese capital, Dakar fought with security forces, burning tyres a d erecting barricades. The police in return fired tear gas at them.

Clashes between uniformed officers and civilians were recorded in the city’s Ngor district, while other incidents were reported in the Medina and Yoff areas, suburban Pikine, Guedianwaye and Thiaroye.

A delivery driver, Jean-Paul frowned at the curfew saying he works best at night when there is less traffic “lots of us work at night”.

A taxi driver in Parcelles Assainies, Modou Niang, said the curfew began just when he was supposed to start work. “I have children and they’re stopping me from working. Macky Sall’s decision is nonsense…it looks like he thinks he’s king.”

Modou Niang Photo Credit: African News

A first curfew was imposed in Senegal in March 2020 after the first case of Covid-19 emerged. The curfew was later lifted in June.

By Sandrine M.

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