Effoe Limunga Encourages Young Girls To Pursue Their Dreams

Effoe Limunga Rebecca fondly called Becky, was officially appointed as Secretary number one for the South West Regional Executive Council on January 14 and a week later, she was installed to office.

Effoe Limunga taking service as secretary number one of the SW Regional Executive Council

The appointment to her is a challenge which she is ready for “I feel quite elated…It’s a new office and it’s coming up after the recent major national dialogue and so what we will be doing is like arranging what has gone bad. Because as you know rightly, this part of Cameroon, South West and North West have been in crisis”.

After assuming this daunting task, the administrative official in an exclusive interview with Insight244, encouraged young girls to hold on to their jobs irrespective of the notions the society has that ladies who occupy positions of responsibilities hardly get suitors.

“…when you are exposed, you are here today doing this or that and especially when things are coming on well, you have good results, you will certainly have people admiring you and so having so much responsibility does not hinder one in anyway.”

Becky futher explained that she had been coping with work and family responsibilities for several years now.

“All through my career, I have held positions that were very demanding. First positions I held were positions of private secretary to several ministers about five of them. Being a private secretary was very demanding because you could come to the office in the morning and the boss says there is a mission to go out of town, three four days, and you just have to go. I did all these with a family.”

To Becky, being a woman shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. She adds that you just need to plan your time.

“I am a single parent first of all. I had children to take care of. I had a family, I had other responsibilities but in all of that you just need to plan yourself and manage your time. So being a woman doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ll still arrange my time properly and get on well with the assignments I have been given”.

Effoe Limunga was appointed amongst other delegates to lead the South West Regional Executive Council, a newly created administrative arm that falls under the Special Status promised to the NW and SW Regions of Cameroon during the major national dialogue.

The administrator says she will give in her best in her new office while working towards the return of normalcy in the restive region.

By Sandrine M

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