Cameroon; Government Urged To Officialize Policy on Nutrition

The government of Cameroon has been urged to come up with an official policy to promote nutrition in the country.

Professor Julius Oben, co founder of the J&A Oben Foundation

This call was made by Professor Julius Oben, co founder of the J&A Oben Foundation after awarding certificates to journalists and communicators who had completed four days training on Nutrition Communication organised by the foundation in Yaounde.

According to the professor, the government of Cameroon has started a fight against malnutrition but more still needs to be done to eradicate it.

“…continue to encourage the fight against malnutrition as you have been doing because there is the interministeral committee for the fight against mal nutrition but more important, let there be a government policy to encourage nutrition…let the government officialize this policy on nutrition. It has to be done because it’s so important” Professor Julius urged the government.

Journalists and Communicators acquiring knowledge on nutrition Communication

After producing eighteen trained communicators on nutrition, Julius Oben called on them to make nutrition a topic of discussion on every lips.

“Please go out and make nutrition visible. Make people know that there is a problem of malnutrition in Cameroon. Make people know that the government needs to do more than they are already doing”.

Trainees on the field gathering data

According to the nutrition expert, the nutrition situation in the country varies and is not the best in terms of percentage. As such he insisted that it is made a talking point.

“…do as much as you can in your different capacities as journalists as communicators to make nutrition to be a talking point”. Prof Julius reiterated.

Trainees pose with officials during opening ceremony

The training that started on February 2 and ended on February 6, schooled journalists and communicators on how to gather data and report on issues related to nutrition. The trainees, from different parts of the country had both theory and practical sessions which some of them described as really enriching.

“The training was an enriching one. Thank you very much Prof Oben for the new insights into reporting nutrition related issues. The knowledge gained will be used and communicated jealously. Thanks to all colleagues for the wonderful and educative exchanges. We all have been armed to better report nutrition stories” one of the participants, Frida Leyina said after the training.

“it was indeed a rich and timing training for us to improve our career in another aspect of communication. I appreciate Prof Oben and partners for this great initiative to educate us on nutrition Communication” Geraldine, another trainee added.

It is hoped that after the knowledge acquired, more stories on nutrition will be reported so as to better the situation in the country

By Sandrine M.

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