Cameroonians Raise Varied Expectations Ahead of Biya’s Youth Day Message

Some Cameroonians have raised high expectations ahead of president’s traditional message to the youths which comes up February 10.

H.E President Paul Biya

According to Njodzeka Danhatu, a Buea-based journalist, the president’s message should focus more on youth’s unemployment. “The youths are facing challenges such as rising rate of youth’s unemployment and neglect in the political affairs of the state,” he said.

Njodzeka furthers that the Head of State should explain how he intends to solve the socio-political crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country, a crisis which has destabilised economic and soci-political activities for the past four years.

Disderous Tandu, a social and religious counsellor in Buea, asserts that the Head of State’s message tonight would be “pregnant” but there is no fruitful child. Disderous explains that Biya has always being a silent ruler because he ‘seldom come on air and when he does, Cameroonians already know the outcome or there is nothing at all.’

“I do not see anything different in this upcoming speech other than him saying that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and should not be fooled.”
Disderous furthers that “if the youths are actually the leaders of tomorrow, what is the government doing to ensure that the youths eventually become tomorrow’s leaders?”

“The government should create jobs for the mass unemployed youths in the nation as well as to step measures that would completely eradicate traces of COVID-19 in the nation. I am expecting that the head of state mentions this in his speech.” Etah Ngwese.

Another Cameroonian youth called Prisca said she is not expecting anything from the speech “I don’t expect anything, because nothing new will be gotten”.

President Biya usually addresses the Cameroonian youth every February 10 in prelude to the youth day celebration.

Fingers remain cross as Cameroonians are expecting to hear what the president has for them.

By Neville Mesumbe

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