Female Student Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Laptops

A female student of the Higher Teacher’s Training College popularly known in French as École Normale Supérieure de Yaoundé, ENS, has been apprehended by security forces for allegedly stealing 25 PBHEV laptops.

PBHEV Laptop offered to students in higher institutions

According to Mua Paul news page on Facebook, the student, “Kamaha Homelle Vanessa, was in charge of distribution and supervision”.

The news page furthers that she might have taken advantage of this position to make money by stealing the gadget.

Vannessa was taken into custody on Friday, February 05, at the State Secretariat of Defence, SED, for further investigation.
Anecdotally, there are lots of unanswered questions regarding the said laptops. Vanessa’s story raises doubts as many now question whether laptops meant for students are still being stored somewhere.

The news of allege stolen laptops by Vanessa has made some students to plead with school authorities to further distribute the PBHV in case of any.

A student in one of the higher learning institutions in Buea, said that “if there are still some PBHEV laptops remaining, it should be distributed to us since we highly need it for studies,”
The arrest of Kamaha Homelle Vanessa has sparked controversies online. Kube Earl questions the essence of arrest when he compares the magnitude of her allege crime to that of ‘state embezzlers’.

“People will steal billions and no one will say anything but somebody will steal laptop which is not up to the price of one normal laptop in town and the whole social media will be making noise” he said.

Another Cameroonian, Frank Garriba rather blames the nature of the country saying that “When the head is sick, the whole body is helpless”.

“Vanessa”, he furthers, “grew up in a society where you grab every opportunity that presents itself,”
The 500,000 Paul Biya Higher Vision Education Laptops, PBHEV, were purchased by the government of Cameroon from China at the cost of 75 billion FCFA through a loan that was secured from the Chinese Exim Bank.

The Laptops were offered to the 2016/2017 batch of registered students in government and private universities in the nation as a presidential gift.
Today, brand new PBHEV laptops are found in most shops across major towns in Cameroon at the cost of 25,000 FCFA.

Most Cameroonians are still wondering the source of the brand new PBHEV laptops found in most shops since the government of Cameroon was the lone distributor.

By Neville Mesumbe

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