Hon Ngala Gerard Calls On Youths To Be Steadfast Amidst Challenges

Hon NGALA Gerard has called on Cameroonian youth to remain steadfast amidst challenges which they face as they advance in life. He was speaking while addressing them on the 55th edition of the youth day celebration in Cameroon. The address reads.

“Life is not a bed of roses, one must work hard and diligently. During this process, one encounters Ups and Downs, Mistakes and Failures but never gives up until that goal is achieved.

Today we celebrate the 11th of February-The Youth Day. To all the Cameroonian youths, both at home and abroad, let’s share some special thoughts and moments of reflection.
Rather than playing the blame game and pointing fingers at each other, let us in unison take the challenge in going to work, telling ourselves that we must succeed and that no obstacles will stop any individual from achieving his/her dreams.
To be successful, one must be prepared to seize the opportunities that come his or her way. Get prepared and be steadfast my brothers and sisters, by being mentally strong. Keep faith in whatever you do:- be it in academia, business endeavours or other walks of life. Do not relent your efforts, stay resolute and explore all avenues that come your way. With the dynamic nature of our world of today, success is within reach.

I humbly thank every one of you in accompanying me during my tenure as a member of parliament. In this light let me formally introduce to you THE PARLIAMENTARY NETWORK FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY (PANCEC). I humbly initiated this network in the heels of the COVID 19 pandemic and was ordained by the Right Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. CAVAYE YEGUIE DJIBRIL.

In preparation for a post-COVID era, it is ample time for Cameroon to adopt economic models, critical in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ deadline. The circular economy is one of them. Towards a Circular economy, waste is transformed into worth/wealth. The basic principle is to extend the life cycle of the economy and create a foundation based on the principle of Zero Waste to Landfills. The Circular economy seeks to repurpose products, by disassembling, refurbishing and reusing. All these provide avenues for job creation and nation-building.
PANCEC is eager to accompany the government in the implementation of effective decentralization through the circular economy. There are enormous opportunities ahead for the youths to be successful.

Youths engaging in the circular economy is the key. Let’s emulate from other countries like Ghana, Germany, France, India and the Scandinavian countries. Let us catch this bus and lead it to a progressive journey for a sustainable development pathway for Cameroon and demonstrate leadership in achieving the country’s vision 2035 Goals with green jobs.

While buttressing the voice of H.E. President Paul Biya on the need of being positive and perseverant at all times, please do accept my best wishes on this NATIONAL YOUTH DAY.

Together We Can”.

Hon Ngala Gerard is Member of Parliament, MP, for Nkambe Central, Donga Mantung division, North West Region, Cameroon.

By Neville Mesumbe

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