Cameroon: Victim of Lion’s Attack Dies In Hospital

One person has been confirmed dead after a stray lion attacked 11 persons recently in Woulki village, a locality in the Makary Subdivision, Logone and Chari Division of the Far North Region of Cameroon.

Lion killed after attacking humans in Cameroon’s Far North Region

The 10 survivors of the attack are still undergoing treatment at the Makary District hospital, where the one of them is said to have died.

According to State Broadcaster CRTV, wild Life conservators in the region were forced to gun down the wild animal to prevent further harm on the population.

“The lion was then decapitated, and the carcass transferred to the Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wild Life in Makary,” reported CRTV.

Lion attacks are gradually increasing in Cameroon. In 2019, VOA correspondent, Moki Edwin, reported that villagers in the South region of Cameroon were relocating following a series of lion attacks on them and their livestock.

Anecdotally, the upsurge of lion attacks on humans and domestic animals is a function of malnutrition on the part of the lions and poaching activities. These activities are common in African countries when compared to the western society.

It is presumed that sick or elderly lions that are no longer able to hunt stronger prey may turn to humans as a source of easy food, killing an estimated 250 people per year in Africa.

By Neville Mesumbe

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