Nguele Jean Marie Urges Collective Fight Against Malnutrition

One of Cameron’s Nutrition Ambassador, Nguele Jean Marie has urged that nutrition be made a major preoccupation in the country. He was speaking during a press briefing that held at the J and A Oben Foundation on Monday February 21 in Yaounde.

Nguele Jean Marie, Nutrition Ambassador

According to him, malnutrition is a worrisome phenomenon and as such, focus has to be given to nutrition since it’s a prerequisite to healthy living. “The global objective is to make nutrition a major preoccupation”. The Nutrition Ambassador said.

Addressing the press, Jean Marie said that in his capacity as a nutrition ambassador, he will help engage different councils in taking interest in nutrition so as to ensure the general well being.

Healthy vegetables grown at the J & A Oben Foundation

“As a former mayor, I understand the functioning of local councils. How they can play a major part in the fight against malnutrition. I intend to sensitive all councils on the need to make nutrition an important aspect of their program. This will help in the development of human capital as well as the development of Cameroonians”.

Speaking also during the press briefing was Professor Julius Oben, the co founder of the J & A Oben Foundation who said we should put collective efforts in making malnutrition a thing of the past.

Prof Julius Oben

“We need to make malnutrition a thing of the past in Cameroon. Sixty years after indeindependence, we should not be talking about malnutrition in Cameroon… We should all make malnutrition a thing of the past. We should not be talking about malnutrition in 2021”. The professor said.

Holding simultaneously during the press briefing was a presentation of different Cameroonian dishes by some masters students from the University of Yaounde I.

Dishes from the SW and NW Regions of Cameroon respectively

Serika Marshall Atako is one if the students who did a presentation on the nutritional benefits of Cameroonian dishes and thinks it is important to watch what we eat.

Serika Marshall, Masters Student, Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Yaounde I

“We should be interested in what goes into our body and how it is useful to our health because the food we eat helps us in different aspects; for growth and development and good healt”. He told Insight244.

Marshall goes further to tell us his interest in the field of study.

Other healthy Cameroonian dishes presented by Students

“I choose nutritional Biochemistry because from childhood I have had this worry about how to treat nutritional diseases using nutrients coming from food”.

Recently, Professor Oben had urged the government to pass a bill promoting nutrition. It is hoped that the government of Cameroon at large and Cameroonians in particular uphold nutrition so as to collectively fight against malnutrition in the country.

By Sandrine M.

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