Bamenda Regional Hospital Negates Scandalous covid-19 Rumours

The Bamenda Regional hospital has disproved erroneous information related to her covid-19 treatment of patients. This comes after an audio has been circulating on the social media that says the hospital had been administering treatment to patients that results to death.

According to a release made public, Thursday February 25, 2021, signed by the director of the Bamenda Regional hospital Dr. Denise Nsame, the audio going viral had been circulating since last year.

“Firstly, it is an audio that had been circulating since the month of May last year, 2020…the audio indicates that there’s a particular drip administered to patients visiting the hospital and they die. The audio is not signed implying that the information is fake, lest the author would have confidently revealled her identity”.

He added that the staff of the hospital offer proper care to patients.

“When patients visit the hospital they are catered for following medical ethics. The regional hospital has 510 staff amongst which are 37 doctors well-trained and professionally equipped”.

The release furthers that the rise in community deaths and late referral, results from the rise in the denial syndrome, since the wake of covid-19.

To this effect, the director urged the population to shun such rumours, and visit the hospital for verification at will, because the hospital he says is home for all with health concerns. He added that covid-19 is real and protecting ourselves is priority.

“Stay home as much as possible and obligatorily wear a face mask when leaving the house. Wash your hands with clean running water and soap or use an alcohol-based solution (hand sanitizer). Cover the nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing, sneezing or use a flexed elbow. Avoid over crowding especially markets and travel agencies as well as close contact with anyone presenting with flu symptoms. Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between persons”.

The director ended by calling on the population to remain vigilant and report suspected cases of covid-19 by calling the toll free number 1510 or treatment center number 680-616-166.

By Nai Vonna

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