Buea; Teachers Dismiss Claims of COVID-19 Vaccine Administration in School

Some teachers of Government Practicing School, Ndongo-Molyko have debunked claims of COVID-19 vaccine administration to pupils in the institution.

GPS Molyko

Prior to the teachers’ assertions, information had gone viral on Friday morning, February 26, stating that doctors were present at the school premises to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

The propagators of the information were mostly pupils of the school.

Reporter with Insight244 overheard a pupil saying “my parents have told me not to take any vaccine in school. Last time, two students died in Kumba after receiving the vaccine. I equally saw it, through my Daddy’s phone on, Facebook of someone who turn into a snake after receiving the vaccine. I am going me home.”

students from Biaka University Institute

The pupil happens to be misinformed as there was no vaccine administration in Kumba thoughtless of someone dying of it. In GPS Ndongo, a teacher who pleaded anonymity narrated what happened.

“Some students from Biaka University Institute of Buea came to lecture the pupils on personal hygiene. It is the third time we are accepting them in our school…it was rather unfortunate that when they gathered the students, instead of the students listening to what they were saying, they thought they had come to vaccinate them. That is how, they scattered and started running to their homes and their parents started coming. I will not be surprised when I see military vans here (because of the rumour that has gone viral)” she said.

Some hygienic kits brought to be distributed to pupils

One of the students from Biaka Institute, Asongacha Cyril Fombin, asserts that their mission was to educate the pupils on hygiene and sanitation.
“We started very well and the children were willing to give us their attention. We were able to distribute books and pens. We even brought sanitary issues for them,” Fombin said.

As the exercise was in process, some parents started coming from elsewhere with the motive that we have come to vaccinate their children. We have not come with any vaccine. We only came with books to make sure that the pupils have good education and good health.

Another teacher, Marinus Fosso says the school authority cannot vaccinate pupils without the concern of their parents.

“Before the government goes on vaccination, she alerts the school hierarchy. The school’s hierarchy then sends out information to parents. It is impossible for a stranger to come and vaccinate children without the knowledge of the government and school authority,” he said.

By Neville Mesumbe

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