Cameroon: Iconic Humanitarian Advocate Passes Onto Glory

Cameroon has lost an iconic humanitarian advocate, Henriette Nshan Tem popularly known as Henriette Thatcher who passed onto glory on Saturday, February 27.

Henriette Thatcher

The 41-year-old decease is said to have positively touched many souls in the nation. She was well known for gestures such as reuniting broken homes, offering educational and business scholarships to Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, neglected and dejected persons in the society.

It is feared that humanitarian gesture led to her downfall. Before her demise, Henriette is said to have been poisoned in 2020. Since then, she had been living in excruciating pains. 

Henriette Thatcher on hospital bed

Her last Facebook posting on February 7, 2020 reads “I wish I can ask: God why me? When will all these pains and suffering come to an end? But who am I to question His decision… I really need your prayers now more than ever. It is been one year, and I am still in the same spot. The Pains, the trauma, etc … It’s not easy. I pray for strength to fight till the end. Lord, let Thy Holy Will be done.”

While on the hospital bed, Henriette was still solving marital problems, comforting and paying hospital bills for some patients. 

Henriette Thatcher during one of her humanitarian outings

Despite living in pain, Henriette forgave the person who poisoned her. 

Her demise has brought sorrow to many Cameroonians and some even asked questions such as why good people died “young” while evil ones continue to live on. “God, why is it that good people do not stay for long on the earth. I know I am not worthy to ask such a question but the pains are too much” Gilberto Ndjila said.

Sheri Prodencia equally said “God you could have still given her another year of good health. Why so early? Death you are so wicked. You steal only the most important people why? Too hard to believe you have stolen mommy Thatcher from us”

Hundreds of Thousands of her fans have taken to social media to offer tributes in honour of her.
Julius Fru says “My wife and I are still in shock. Our planned wedding almost failed until she came in. For over six months she did everything to bring us together. Today we are living happily. Rest in peace, Ma’am. I am tired with this life”

Agnes Ngelo Tamasang asked several questions “Death is wicked. Who will I consult again for advice? Who will I call again to ask what to do? Mum, I don’t think I will ever forget you. You were always there for me. mum, I just want to say bye-bye as you rest in the bosom of the Lord. Rip mum”

Henriette was born on November 24, 1975, in Mile, Limbe to the family of Henry Tem and Paulina Ambung Tem. She was the first out of six children in the family.
In 1988, Henriette completed her First School Education. She later gained admission into Government Technical High School Ombe and in 1993, she obtained Certificat d’Aptitude Professionelle, CAP and in 1995, she obtained G.C.E A/Level in Secretarial Administration and Communication Skills.

In 1998 she obtained an HND in Bilingual Secretarial Administration and went job hunting. After a series of part-time jobs with SO.NA.RA, CAMTEL and Group D. SANDJOUN, God blessed her with a permanent job with Africa’s Telecommunications Giant MTN Cameroon in 2000.

In 2008, Henriette applied for a Master Programme with the University of Douala, and was granted admission, She tediously worked and studied at the same time, and finally graduated with a Master in Business Administrations in 2011.                                                                                                                       
In 2012 she had a twist in life and resigned from MTN, joined the UNICEF Cameroon for temporal assignments, and until she died she was working on an individual platform to success.

Henriette leaves behind two biological children, hundreds of adopted children, her parents, and hundreds of thousands of fans to mourn her. 

By Neville Mesumbe 

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