SDF Bounces Back; Slams Gov’t Over Handling Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The Social Democratic Front, SDF party has renewed their strength in working towards achieving their objectives. This was done during the party’s first National Executive Council, NEC meeting for 2021.

Ni John Fru Ndi, Chairman, SDF Party

During the meeting that held this March 13 in Yaounde, the party equally stated that the government of Cameroon has been laxed over handling the corona virus pandemic.

“…Condemns the government’s laxity in showing the example in the practice of COVID-19 barrier measures and the scarcity of water which is essential in the fight against this pandemic”. Part of the party’s resolution reads.

The National Executive Committee of the party equally frowned at the management of funds made available for handling the pandemic.

“…vehemently condemns the opacity and cacophony in the management of covid funds and Communication around the pandemic”.

The Party’s attitude towards previous elections

Also discussed during the NEC meeting was the party’s stance in previous elections and the intention to properly address the issue. The National Women’s Coordinator, Chantal Kambiwa spoke to the press.

“…the grassroots is not happy with our performance in the previous elections and they have hinted us on the way forward. In the days ahead you shall all see what we will do in order to address their preoccupations” she said.

Delegates taking anti Covid- 19 precaution

Senator Tchatchouang Paul explained the reason for the party’s lukewarm attitude towards the previous elections.

“Our performance was not appreciated by Cameroonians because we were shuttling between participating or boycotting the election. Take note of our anterior resolutions, especially that taken at one of our Conventions which stated that after the 1992 boycott, the SDF was never to boycott any election again”.The Senator said.

SDF’s Take on the ‘Anglophone Crisis’

Another topic that was discussed during the SDF NEC meeting was the ‘anglophone crisis’. The delegates concluded that a motion be sent to parliament to discuss the crisis.

“…Takes note of a motion from the party’s MP’s to the National Assembly demanding for the discussion of the Anglophone problem in Parliament”. Point B on the National scene of the resolution reads.

“…Let them write to our own president to stop the war so that socio-political and economic activities can resume in the North West and South West regions”, emphasized Hon. Nji Tumasang while addressing the press.

The Party equally looked forward in creating a social media charter, to aid in their activities.

SDF has been the leading opposition party in Cameroon since the introduction of multi party politics. For some months now, the party had been faced with internal and external challenges that resulted to instability within the party. It is hoped that, this meeting strengthen ties between militants and opens a new chapter for the party.

By Sandrine M.

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