Cameroon; PENASED Continues Training Underprevilege Youth On Photography

The Pentecostal Advocates for Socio-Economic Development, PENASED have continued to train underprivileged youth on shooting and Photography jobs.

Today, twenty youth drawn from the Littoral Region of Cameroon are benefiting from Photography lessons offered by PENASED. The training which is holding at Centre d’accueil Bepanda Omnisport in Douala is aimed at impacting these youth with skills that can sustain them in future.

Akom Miriam, 23, student of University Institute of The Tropics talked of her expectations before the start of the training.

Akom Miriam

“We espect to gain skills that we can also use in helping other underprivileged and displaced youth to rise up and be independent. When you have people who support you, you will definitely forge ahead because the skills can help you become independent” Akom Miriam.

“We have come to learn how to mange Photography and I’m sure with my presence here, I will go back with something interesting and I equally encourage my fellow youth to engage in programs as such to gain skills.” Rinyu Clinton, 22, based in Edea equally shared his thoughts.

Rinyu Clinton

Clinton hopes to make Photography a source of living. “When we look at the state of the nation, its difficult gaining employment so if I can know how to manage a camera, I can employ myself and take pictures to earn a livng”. Rinyu Clinton.

Updates of this story will be yours in the hours ahead.

By Sandrine M.

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