Fight Against Malaria: MINSANTE Wins Partner Organisations In Football Encounter

In a bid to celebrate World Malaria Day, Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health, MINSANTE organised recreational activities in different regions. In the Centre Region, a football match was organised, pitting MINSANTE and partner organisations involved in the fight against malaria.

Players getting ready for the game

The football encounter that held in Obili, Yaounde, ended in a 4-1 victory in favour of MINSANTE.

“It has been a fair play so far. I will like to encourage the initiative”. Dr Inenguini Orphé Bertrand, one of the players for MINSANTE said after the match.

Dr Inenguini Orphé Bertrand

The exchange was equally an opportunity for the public to be sensitized about the need to collectively fight against malaria.

“I am calling on everyone to effectively use mosquito nets and to rush to the hospital when they feel any signs and symptoms of Malaria. I am calling upon them to freely ask for what they deserve; free treatment for children below 5 years and mosquitoe nets”. NMCP Deputy Permanent Secretary, Dr Ateba Joel urged.

Dr. Ateba Joel

The Centre regional Coordinator for National Malaria Control Program, (NMCP), Dr Messe Prosper, reminded the public of free Malaria treatment for children under five years.

“Treatment is free for infants under 5 years old and subsidized for those aged more than 5. We also advise pregnant women to always go for antenatal consultations and take their intermediary preventive treatment” centre Coordinator, NMCP told Insight244.

Centre regional Coordinator for National Malaria Control Program, (NMCP), Dr Messe Prosper

Malaria is a vector disease and is transmitted by the anopheles mosquito and as such, it is important to keep away the vector as Dr Messe Prosper furtthered.

“We also advice the population to know that just by cleaning their environment, ensuring there’s no standing water will reduce breathing ground for mosquitoes, the vector that transmits malaria”.

Self medication has always been discouraged due to its after effects. As such, Dr Jose Tchofa of United States Agency for International Development, (USAID), urged the population to get tested before taking any malaria treatment.

Dr. Jose Tchofa

“It is important for us to protect ourselves against Malaria and ensure that we get tested before taking any drugs”.

Some Key Messages for WMD 2021

World Malaria Day was celebrated this year under the theme “Zero Malaria-Draw the Line Against Maleria”.

Other accompanying messages include;

-Proper hygiene and environmental sanitation reduces the risk of mosquito bites and exposure to malaria.

Officials overseeing the match

-Sleep every night under a treated mosquito nets to protect ourselves from the bites of mosquitoes which transmits malaria.

-Malaria is a danger especially for pregnant women and children.

-In case of fever, immediately go to the nearest health centre or a community health worker.

-Testing and treatment for simple and severe malaria is free for children under 5 years of age.

History on World Malaria Day

In March 2007, WHO Member states replaced the commemoration of the African Maleria Day that was launched in 2001 with the World Maleria Day.

The international community began commemorating the World Maleria Day on April 25, 2008. This day was celebrated with the aim if taking stock of the fight against Maleria, reporting on the strategists implemented by the states, revisiting the global vision and projecting better results.

2020 Malaria Statistics in Cameroon

According to statistics put forward by the ministry of public health, 4,217,344 persons were received and tested of malaria all over the country. Of this number, 2,646,139 were positive giving an approximately 101 cases in every 1000 inhabitants.

Amongst those tested positive, 1,299,726 were said to have acute malaria. It was also revealed that of this number, 886,270 cases were children less than 5years.

Pregnant women who were tested positive for malaria stood at 179,998.

The number of deaths caused by malaria in Cameroon amounted to 4,121 giving an approximation of 15 deaths per every 100,000 inhabitants.

Futher statistics from the ministry of public health show that, over 10million long lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets (LLIN) were distributed in Cameroon during the 2019-2020 distribution campaign implemented in 8 of the 10 regions if the country. Of this amount, 2275,577 LLIN were distributed to pregnant women during prenatal consultations.

In a survey carried out in 2018, it was discovered that only 69.1 percent of people actually sleep under LLINs every night.

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By Sandrine M.

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