Cameroon; Journalists In NWR Equiped to Embrace Transformative Reporting.

Journalist in the Northwest region have reinforced their knowledge on crises and conflict prevention reporting strategies. This was during a one-day workshop organized by Women in Alternative Action (WAA) Cameroon.

The workshop that held on Thursday May 6 2021 at the Catholic Women’s Immaculate Conception Home was aimed at strengthening the capacity of media men and women on ethical reporting amidst of crisis.

During the training, at least 26 journalist from different media outlets, were urged to uphold community-based reporting and promote transformative change in the society.

Justine Kwachu kumche, the executive director for WAA Cameroon, says the workshop is very important for journalists as people with great influence in the society.

Justine Kwachu kumche, executive director, WAA

“Within the context of crisis like the case in the Northwest and Southwest region, knowledge the journalists have gathered, will be able to impact and promote peace within the community and transformative change”.

These media personalities were also schooled on the use of the media in promoting peace building, ethical and responsible reporting, competencies of a media person for peace and principles of ethical journalism.
Group exercises were carried out during the workshop to help participants deepen their knowledge on the concepts that were thought.

Facilitating during the event Rosaline Akah Obah, a peace building and media expert, who doubles as national coordinator for the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN), drilled the journalists on ways to uphold and reinforce their capabilities inorder to play frontline roles in conflict de_escalation and peace actions in the society. She equally cautioned media men not to be the first to break the news, but the first to get the facts rightly.

“The media has different platforms and different programs that can be exploited for peace efforts and conflict de_escalation. We were here 20 pool and reinforce the a cup of abilities to be able to play Frontline roles in ensuring that peace actos and s parts journey together with media persons to encourage and Foster peace efforts within the communities”.

Participants at the workshop celebrated the initiative of WAA Cameroon and see the session as a stitch in time.

participants carrying out group work

“We have been impacted in terms of identifying conflicts and reporting on them adequately in a fair and balanced manner such that we do not inflame the conflict the overall objectives have been attained” Moris Fokob journalist at Rain bow radio Mbengwi.

“I’ve learned a whole lot and I appreciate the organizers for the opportunity to reschedule our minds review of all works as journalist and to improve on them to bring about peace in our society” Suh Lizette student journalist at UBa Voice.

WAA Cameroon was founded in 2004 with vision to build open spaces for youth participation in peace processes in Cameroon, with the slogan “we stand for peace”.

Media men and women after the workshop, are expected to shape their reporting towards peace building.

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

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