Cameroon, Centre Region: Twenty Underprivileged Youth Trained On Monetizing Photography

Twenty Children drawn from different parts of the Centre Region of Cameroon have rounded off with a training on Shooting and Photography Jobs.

The workshop, Organised by PENASED in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication (MINCOM) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, MINAT is part of UNICEF’s activities to empower the youth.

Holding in Mbalmayo, Centre region, the training began with a wider look at Photography, with emphasis on types of pictures to be taken and how the pictures should be shot.

Wato Joseph, Coordinator for PENASED, furthers the purpose for this training.

“Our objective is to change the state of these children by training them because it is important to teach a child how to fish at an early age rather than giving them fish”.

Ngomassongo Alice is one of the participants of the workshop. She is physically Challenged and shared her emotions with us.

“I wish to thank UNICEF and PENASED for giving me the opportunity to be part of this workshop. I am happy because I will know how to take good pictures and also make money to take care of myself”.

Benjoni Nathalie, a Central African refugee in Cameroon tells us that she has lived as refugee for 14 years and is sure the training will go a long way to give her more openings in future.

“I am very happy to be a part of this workshop. This training makes me to feel like I belong. With the knowledge I get from here, I hope to be able to train others and to carry out such humanitarian activities as you”.

A 16 year old IDP says the training is of great impact to her.
“I find this as a very good opportunity for me to learn Photography skills because the world is evolving and you can’t rely solely on what you study in school.”

Frida, carefully listening to the photography trainer

“It is a laudable initiative of the ministry of Communication. Initially we had in mind to work with adults, to wait for them to reach a certain age before we train them on certain things but we realised that the earlier they are trained, the better they can face the challenging society in future”. Manga Assiga Aristide, Divisional Delegate of Communication for Nyong-et-So’o told the press.

Also during the workshop, the selected youth were sensitized about COVID-19, the means of transmission and prevention. The need for them to constantly wear face masks and use hand sanitizers was equally emphasized.

During the second day of the training, the participants were taken to the field to take pictures of different scenes/objects related to the COVID-19 era. After which, a review was done and the three best selected for a finale (against those from other regions) that will hold in Douala next month.

At the end of the three days workshop, the participants had understood the different kinds of outstanding images they can shoot and monetize. They were each awarded tablets to help them practice futher. They left the hall with much enthusiasm to explore their new found passion.

The workshop funded by UNICEF ran from May 17 to 19.

By Moma Sandrine.

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