Checking Conspicuous Consumption Habits; Necessity In Societies

NW journalists have been schooled on consumerism habits at a reflection session organized by Draufsitch Bamenda.The session took place Wednesday May 19 2021 at the conference hall of Draufsitch office Eco bank building mile 2 Nkwen.

The reflection with theme ‘consumerism’, was aimed at broadening the intellect of some 10 media personels in the Northwest region, on conspicuous consumption habits, which has become a daily routine in most societies.

It was facilitated by Wirsiy Burinyuy, Director of Strategy, Development and Projects at the Transalantic Consulting Partners Ltd.

“Consumerism described the acquisition of goods and services that do not necessarily add value to the consumer but show affluence and potray a ‘better’ image of one’s self. Draufsitch choosed the theme ‘consumerism’ to get people reflect on their consumption habits, how they affect humanity, the environment and the society in general. Because there are things people consume not because they add direct value to their lives, but because they want to demonstrate their affluence, portray happiness and a better image of themselves”.

How then can people employ non violent approaches to consumerism he adds.
“People should be conscious of why they consume what they want to consume. Take into cognisant what does me consuming this, impact me as an individual, on the environment and society as a whole”.

Wirsiy Burinyuy, facilitator

Draufsitch Bamenda is a non governmental organization that deals with global concern and how they affect local communities. They see the media as the best choice to propagate for proper consuming habits.
“The fourth estate is the right choice because they lead various strata of society and can cause this reflection in people so that they begin to question why and what they consume”

With knowledge gained, this participant like his counterparts describes the session as resourceful and impactful.
“As a media person, this is a good platform to educate the general public to understand that some times it’s not worth it when you go about buying or consuming many things. With knowledge gained, I am going to craft my stories in a way it would captivate those consuming products that are not worth it. So am going to work more on changing the mindset of those who are into consuming one good or the other”. Jude Ntam journalist at CBS radio Bamenda.

The journalists were reminded that not all that glitters is gold and encouraged to forster the message of checking conspicuous consumption habits as a way to uphold a sustainable lifestyle.

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

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