Cameroon: Actress Dilong’s Pastor-Husband Continues Honeymoon In Detention

Pastor Cyrille Mbanya, husband to Cameroon’s model and actress, Nsang Dilong has been remanded in custody following a decision from the Magistrate’s Court in Yaounde on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

Appearing in court for the first time to answer charges of fraud and breach of trust against the plaintiff, Dr Erisemary Dinga, Cyrille was remanded in custody as the judge Mengue Bikoro Onguene adjourned the matter to June 22.

Dr Erisemary Dinga, a Douala-based pastor and founder of Real Worship and Gospel Centre International told the court that she had invested the FCFA 39million in a hemodialysis project brought forth by Cyrille who she has known for years.

Erisemary furthered that the money was given in four installments with the hope that the project will be executed within the specified period.

Breaking down the financial transactions, Erisemary said she handed the sum of FCFA 25 million to the defendant as custom dues, FCFA 4 million as rents for office space which was paid to him by the manager of her company, FCFA 8 million for bank account/papers works at the level at Prime Minister’s office which she handed to him in person and FCFA 2 million, money to hire a truck meant for the transportation of the equipments which was handed to Cyrille by her personal assistant.

After several months of waiting, the project never saw the day of light neither were the machines acquired, she told the court.

Tired of waiting, she requested a refund from Cyrille which was not forthcoming, the plaintiff added.
Though she did not present any written documents to back her claims, the plaintiff said the transactions were all done out of trust and good faith given that Cyrille is considered to be a pastor.

On their part, the defense lawyers, Barristers Kamga Jean Jacques and Tangen Felix during cross examination demanded proves from the plaintiff on the exact nature of the deal and between her and their client basing their arguments on the fact that traces of the said financial transactions were not visible.

The lawyers of the plaintiff, Kamwa Denise and Gervais Armel Nang Mayi however presented to the court a document containing exhibits ranging from conversations and declarations on how the joint investment was unfolding.

Pastor Cyrille Mbanya recently got married to Nsang Dilong, a Cameroonian actress/model/TV presenter. Their wedding was celebrated on April 29 in Yaounde.

wedding invitation card of Cyrille and wife

Pastor Dr EriseMary Dinga is a Douala-based ordained apostle/prophet and founder/general overseer of Real Worship and Gospel Centre International.

She is equally the Founder/President of the Emmi Empire Foundation, a Leadership based Non-profit organization that economically and spiritually empower individuals around the world. The organisation that is registered in the USA, focuses on assisting young single mothers and the youth, has time-tested activities.

Out of her Passion for education as a tool of empowerment, Dr EriseMary created a scholarship fund to encourage young mothers to further their education as well as a primary school dedicated to teaching marginalized youth. In 2016, she created the Bajude Nursery and Primary school in an impoverished community in the Northwest region to help orphaned children have access to quality education.

She also works as a Leadership Academy “Executive Leadership Academy”, in the Littoral region of Cameroon where children from the restive regions can school.

She equally started “EMMI LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATION” for online and offline training annually as well as she created the “Emmi Royal Fashion House”, a beauty center. She is also founder of Golden Pot “Marmite D’Or”, a restaurant that serves Afro-European cuisine. The business provides many jobs to women and single mothers facing financial challenges.

By Sandrine M.

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