Cameroon: Sustain Afric Empowers Widows With Skills In Snail Farming, Processing and Marketing

Some widows in the southwest region have benefited practical knowledge to carry out snail farming, processing and marketing, as part of commemorative activities to mark the International Widows Day.

This was the product of a one-day training session organized by Sustain Afric on June 24 2021, at the New Tiko Council Hall Tiko Southwest region Cameroon.

The seminar which aimed at impacting widows with skills to start snail farming, processing and marketing, was in commemoration of the International Widows Day, which had as theme “Eliminating Violence Against Widows; Improving Living Standards”.

Princewil Gana, Sustain Afric Executive Director facilitating during the seminar

According to Sustain Afric, snail farming is cost-effective, less stressful, requires small capital and is highly demanded. With this, widows can generate income to cater for their families and improve living standards.

The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, and the Sub Divisional Delegate of Agriculture in Tiko saw the necessity and approved of the training.

Sustain Afric believes that, the training would inturn create jobs to many and boast the economy, as agriculture they say, is the backbone of the economy.

Nubeh Nai Vonna

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