Bamenda: Draufsitch Drills Media Persons on Story Development.

By Nubeh Nai Vonna

Journalist belonging to the Cameroon Community Media Network CCMN northwest chapter, filmmakers and some Civil Society Organizations CSOs in Bamenda, have been equipped with skills and strategies in identifying central points in story development.

This was at a one day workshop spearheaded by Draufsitch Bamenda, on Friday July 16 2021 at Church Center Mankon Bamenda.

The seminar organised under the theme “story development” saw not just the need to emphasize on the components of a good story, but also to empower journalists, filmmakers and CSOs with creative strategies in story telling, that can impact change in the society.

“I noticed that we write stories without paying attention to a lot of evidence and to me that is fundamental because to make good stories they must have evidence. Journalism is writing for a purpose so we should write in a way we would have results in our communities”. Barkah Derick, Facilitator

Barkah Derick, Journalist/Facilitator at the training

The workshop was presided over by the national coordinator for CCMN and Peace Expert Mme Rosaline Obah, who cautioned storymakers that the reward of telling a good story, is not in the short run, but in the long run.

“Storytelling is sacrificial reporting to actually bring something different to the community in a positive dimension. We should be ready to sacrifice to tell the stories of the people and give voices to the voiceless, so our society can be transformed”. Rosaline Obah.

Rosaline Obah, peace Journalist, Coordinator Cameroon Community Media Network, CCMN

Featuring during the session, were group exercises that got participants deliberating on ways to identify, create and develope central points in storytelling.
“I realized we have to give attention to every detail in a story not necessarily making the story to be long, but giving the facts as it is. Thanks to this workshop I’ve grabbed ideas about identifying the central points in a story, connecting with facts and evidence to produce a good story” Nji Nelson participant.

Given a good story defines our thinking and impacts decision-making, journalists are therefore called upon to uphold story verification and fact-checking, while film makers amplify stories with more fiction, and CSOs on their part be intentional and experienced in content dissemination.

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